Friday, June 4, 2010

Prince of Peace - Premium Green Tea

This green tea claims that it is "100% Natural" and also "Premium". However, the tea leaves are pretty small so I don't really know. I am actually quite new to tea and the reviews I have posted are the only teas I own. The green tea is packed in individually wrapped tea bags which I do like.

Ingredients (from the pack):
Young Green Tea Leaves

From what the ingredients lists, this is 100% natural. By "Young Green Tea Leaves", I think they mean Sencha. You are supposed to brew this for 3-5 minutes, but I only leave it in for one since I like my green tea more mild. Prince of Peace Premium Green Tea was not bought by me, but bought by my parents, so I don't really know where you can buy this.

This tea is not caffeine free as it contains 20mg of caffeine per cup. This tea is less bitter than the Zhena Biodynamic Green Tea (KiwiPeach). The string attached to the tea bag is way too long though; I can wrap it around the handle of the mug I use for tea several times. That is really my only complaint with this tea.

Rating: 4/5
Recommend? Yes

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