Saturday, June 5, 2010

Stash - Cinnamon Apple Chamomile

Smells just like apple pie. A lovely dark red-purple color tea. I'm kinda expecting the taste to be less amazing than the smell like most teas.

Tea leaves are like most packages teas - small. The tea bag itself does have a string and it is of good length (goes right over the mug, but doesn't need to be wrapped around the hand or anything). It's been steeping for a few minutes so I'll taste it now.

Ingredients (from back of packet):
Cinnamon, hibiscus, chamomile,and apple flavor.

This is confusing. VERY confusing. It tastes sour. Sour apple pie? No. I taste just sour, not a hint of apple pie or cinnamon or chamomile anywhere. Must be the hibiscus. Gosh, I am starting to hate hibiscus. I'm going to add some sugar to this.

Sugar improved this tea by a whole lot. Totally neutralized that hibiscus. I put in about 1½ spoonfuls of sugar. Actually tastes like apple pie now! But a very apple-less pie since I can't really taste that.

It's alright. Would probably taste better if I sprinkled some more cinnamon in there. Better yet, why don't I just dump some cinnamon into some hot water? Might get the same results from that.

Rating: 1.5/5
Recommend? No

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