Saturday, June 5, 2010

Twinings - The Lady Grey

So I tried this tea because well, I love the color grey. What an odd reason to buy tea, right? The smell was slightly repellent, but I started to be able to pick out the citrusy parts and the tea leaves part from each other and it started smelling quite pleasant. I have never tried black tea before either so this is a first.

Ingredients (from back of the packet):
Tea, Orange Peel, Lemon Peel, Citrus Flavoring.

The tea bag contained tea leaves of relatively small size. Most of the teas I've drank so far have similar size, so it doesn't really concern me. The string had the perfect length for the cup (mug) I was using. The tea bag itself got stained slightly orange-brown because of the tea. So I'm going to take a sip of this right now since it has cooled for a while (I don't like to burn my tongue really).

The flavor could be described as woodsy with a hint of citrus. The citrus taste comes at the end of  the sip after the woodsy part. It tastes slightly bitter, but in a good way. I did not add any sugar or milk this time. Even though this tea does have caffeine, you can probably get similar flavor from the Decaf version that Twinings also made. I have no idea why, but I actually feel more relaxed by drinking this tea.

So the best part? The smell. It has an interesting scent compared to those extremely obvious scents from the herbal teas I've been drinking. The taste is pretty rich and I have no idea how smooth a tea must be to be described as smooth, but this sure is smooth.

I think one tea bag would make quite a few cups. Two minutes already gave quite a strong flavor.

Bought  this for the extra caffeine to study for my exams next week. All twenty tea bags would probably be gone by the end of that week.

Rating: 4.5/5
Recommend? Yes

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